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Gourmet Cupcakes

1/2 dozen $12.00

1 dozen $21.00

2 dozen $36.00

Alcohol Infused and Sugar Free Cupcakes

1/2 dozen $15.00

1 dozen $24.00

Premium Alcohol Infused Cupcakes

1 dozen $36.00

Fondant Design: $.50 per Cupcake*

Chocolate Molds: $.50 per Mold*

Multiple Colors: $.25 per Cupcake**

Alcohol Shots: $.50 - $1.00 per Shot***

* Fondant and chocolate mold prices may vary based on request

** Two color maximum per cupcake

***Price of shot is based on type of alcohol

Giant Cupcakes: $40.00

Alcohol Infused and Sugar Free

Giant Cupcakes: $50.00

Multiple Color Frosting:

2 Colors: $5.00 per cake

3 or more colors: $ 10.00 per cake

Standard Fondant Signage: Complimentary*

Custom Fondant or Chocolate Molding: Inquire for pricing

*Complimentary signage includes a white round or square fondant cutout with a "Happy Birthday..." message

Cupcake Dress: $55.00

Alcohol Infused Cupcake Dress: $65.00

Custom Cupcake Cakes: Inquire for pricing

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